light, humanity & trees .

I’m Koa & I use analog and digital techniques to explore being an individual within collectives (that’s my grandparent in red).

As a fifth generation Benton County resident living within Champinefu I am deeply connected to & shaped by this environment. My work, thus, is influenced & contains aspects of this place – evergrowing thing that it is.

After a year pursuing photography in east Africa, I earned a BS degree in Entomology. Always a curious KAT, I moved to San Diego to manage a collection of spine-less organisms &, ultimately, burnt out of a career in Forensics. I continue to fight sexual violence through my art & supporting that of others’ at Light Rider Studios.

I garnered a BFA in Photography & spent time in Seattle honing my skills at Moonphoto, managing The Photocloset & cycling the city’s hilly streets.

Photography perfectly balances my art & science minds; with it I can create works about human relationships – with self, each other & place.

I continue to collect imagery primarily by bike & construct the stacked stories I see whilst riding …

Email // koa a tom @ gmail . com

Instagram // @ koa.tom & @ light.rider.studios